Painters Solicitors in Wyre Forest join crisp packet recycling scheme

Posted: Aug 23, 2019
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A WYRE Forest-based solicitors firm have joined a crisp packet recycling scheme which also raises money for charity.

Painters Solicitors based in Kidderminster and Stourport, are taking part in a scheme by US company TerraCycle, and will be collecting crisp packets for recycle.

The scheme offers reward points for collecting packets, which means TerraCycle will donate money to Painters’ chosen charity, Kidderminster Foodbank.

People can drop-off used crisp packets at public drop-off locations at both their offices on 29 Church Street, Kidderminster and 1 New Street, Stourport.

The firm currently have the only registered drop-off location in Stourport.

Crisp packets cannot be recycled in normal recycling collection schemes via local councils.

Painters have an annual Theme of the Year around which their activities relate and this year the theme is “Environmental Warriors.”

Rebecca Randle from Painters said: "We are delighted to take part in this scheme which will help to prevent waste entering the environment."

"We have made it our annual ‘theme’ within the firm to have Health and Well being as a priority and this includes things like helping the environment when we saw the crisp packet scheme we thought it was something we would like to offer to the public as well as our staff as recycling is a very important issue."